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" Jokero Jonglero"
Price - 500.000 USD
oils on canvas ~ 30 x 24 inch
This oil painting tries to evoke the spirit of humans that never tires, always keeping a smile on their face no matter what dangers they are facing.
" Hora"
Price - 100.000 USD
oils on canvas ~ 24 x 36 inch
The artist tries to capture the soul of the traditional Romanian dance called "hora". Hora is a dance, where people lock arms to each other and spin. To the artist this is more than just a dance, it is an unbreakable union between people, something simple and fun that makes us stronger while we are together.
" The brave lion and the coward crocodile "
Price - 750.000 USD
oils on canvas ~ 30 x 30 inch
The lion is the symbol of bravery. He always attacks straight on. The crocodile is a coward, he hides in the water until the very last moment. We must use time wisely.
" Katabasis "
Price - 1.500.000 USD
oils on canvas ~ 36 x 72 inch
Katabasis is a descending into an underworld, governed by struggle and poverty. After Katabasis, the human, the spirit comes back stronger and more mature, the boy becomes man. The lonely kid from the right wearing just a sandal is a symbol of poverty while the other people fighting represent the struggle of life.
The story is inspired from the artist's own story . The big white concrete block on top of the man and the weight of the carriage makes the struggle even harder. But there is light coming our way. Time is not on our side and so we must use it wisely.
" The bull "
Price - 150.000 USD
oils on canvas ~ 30 x 30 inch
The bull is the symbol of persistence and courage.
Although he constantly gets injured by the matador’s spears, he continues to attack. We humans should be inspired by the bull’s behavior and persist in reaching our goals.