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Alex Sandulescu is an interior architect & oil painter .

He has a Master's degree in Interior Architecture from UAUIM University of Architecture and Urbanism Ion Mincu.

Founder of ARMARADA - Design the future.

Alex Sandulescu created several ultra-futuristic designs like Avis Magica building, Eusphyra bar and the Waterlily" table
Several international architectural journals like ElleDecoration, Deltastudio, Arch2o, Inhabitat, E-architect, Archiscene, published Avis Magica project and the residential Calabasas interior design project.

- 1st prize in the national interior design competition organized by Elle Decoration - " Novo Park's reception "

- 1st prize in the national competition to design a lobby for Sky Tower , the tallest building in Romania.

- 1st prize in UAUIM's competition " Design the 21st century bathroom with Kohler and Viega" .

- Honorable Mention and was invited to exhibit at WT Smart City Awards in Italy, Milan during Design week, with  Avis Magica architectural project. WT Smart City international competition rewards the most visionary and sustainable ideas to transform in a positive way the urban landscape.



Interior designer & oil painter Alex Sandulescu
Interior designer & oil painter Alex Sandulescu
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